In 1949, the GDR government decided to build the so-called “Pionierrepublik“ for 18 million marks. Then GDR president Wilhelm Pieck inaugurated the facility on 16 July 1952 and until 1989 gave his name to it.


During the first years of operation, mainly war orphans spent time here to recover and recuperate. Until 1989, young members of GDR organisations such as ”Pioniere“ and ”FDJ” spent much time here learning about the political ideas of the GDR system.


During the summer months, children from nearly 50 countries met here in so-called "International Summer Camps". Since 1990, the facility has been open to all children and teenagers. In addition to school classes and clubs there are more and more day tourists and families who want to spend time here.
Many buildings have already been renovated and offer modern youth hostel-style accommodation.



1952 - 1989                                                        Pionierrepublik "Wilhelm Pieck"

1990 - 1991                                                        Kinderland am Werbellinsee

Since 1992                                                         EJB Werbellinsee




1952 – 1989:                                                     "FDJ“ – GDR youth organisation

1990 until 02 October 1990:                           GDR ministry of Youth and Sport

03 October 1990 – 1996:                                 State of Brandenburg (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport)

1997 – 1999:                                                     State of Brandenburg (Ministry of Finance)

2000:                                                                  LEG Brandenburg

2001 – 2003:                                                     State of Brandenburg (Ministry of Finance)

Since 2004:                                                       WS Werbellinsee GmbH & Co. KG




1952 – 1989:                                                     Ministry of Education (GDR)

1990:                                                                 Ministry of Youth and Sport (GDR)

1991 – 1996:                                                   “Internationaler Bund Sozialarbeit e.V.“

1997 – 31 May 1999:                                       GEG Joachimsthal

Since 01 June 1999:                                       EJB Werbellinsee GmbH


In 2004 the State of Brandenburg sold the 105 hectare estate to WS Werbellinsee GmbH & Co. KG for 515,000 euros.


You can find more information about our history in our Booklet of Chronicles, available at reception.