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Reiki is Japanese for universal life energy and is recognized worldwide as a form of therapy. It is a form of therapy which does not manipulate, nor interfere or make any diagnosis.

Reiki is an individual application. The aim is to activate the body's self-healing powers, to detect and dissolve blocked in the energy flow. 

After a brief preliminary orientation in a friendly atmosphere, the treatment is carried out in a standing, sitting or lying position. The therapist can determine where there is a need for action by means of hand resting on the energy centers of your body. After the therapy this is discussed with the guest.

We recommend a short period of rest after the therapy.

Fit back exercises
This course is not limited to the strengthening of your back muscles or the cervical spine. It aims at strengthening your body’s muscular balance which will result in a healthy back. A variety of routine everyday movements will strengthen your muscles, thus protecting your back from overstressing. The special focus is on strengthening your back and abdominal muscles in order to create a "solid center" on which to continue with further training.

Wu Tao            
Wu Tao includes movement, dance, meditation and relaxation. It promotes agility and flexibility and makes your personal energy of life (Qi) flow. Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), WuTao sees human beings as a unity of body, mind and soul. Through targeted stretching and dance movements, certain energy lines (meridians) are opened and activated, thus dissolving blocked energy. Wu Tao helps us create and maintain our inner balance, harmony and health.

Fit for Life
This course is a martial-style workout. All your muscles are strengthened by doing mainly isometric exercises. Cyclic tension and relaxation of your muscles in stabilization training alternate with nutrient-providing exercises. Variations in the degree of difficulty of these exercises make this course suitable for beginners and advanced.

Qi Gong

"Learn how to breathe consciously". Through meditation and concentration you learn to look deeply into your body.
A relaxed mind provides for muscular relaxation. Movement and conditioning of the body also form part of Qi Gong. For beginners, imaginary doors will be pushed open making it possible to see and experience life differently. Advanced and diligent Qi Gong practitioners will feel positive changes in their personal and professional lifes because of this changed perspective on life and thus prevent health problems.


We offer Hatha Yoga as one of many forms of yoga. The main goal is to relax during the physical exercises, to let your breath flow freely and to feel comfortable. The final relaxation phase takes you through your whole body and ensures an overwhelming mental and physical well-being after the course has ended.

Balance Workout
Balance Workout is about balancing physical and mental activity. The course usually starts with gentle warming-up. Demanding exercises focus on a whole-body workout which does not leave any muscle unaffected. At the end of the lesson, breathing or relaxation exercises balance the previous physical and mental stress.

Asia Healing

This course promises relaxation for your body and mind. Elements from the Asian movement theory coupled with guided breathing and meditation promise a successful start into the weekend. Let yourself be guided by Far-Eastern music and by experienced instructors.

Please see our brochure for times and prices.